Introducción a la Geometría Sustentable, Geometría Sagrada y Psicogeometría ( actualización septiembre ). Click on the image to view of the inside of the. Get this from a library! Psico geometria. [Maria Montessori]. Read the latest magazines about and discover magazines on

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Matter was seen as substance particlesbut presently we know that the fundamental nature of the material world can only be known through the patterns that underlie behind matter and that exist as forms or geometric wave structures. The different degrees of reality perception must not be thought of as substance differences but as differences of wavelengths, of proportion.

The astronomer Johannes Kepler said that phi is the first of the treasures and the Pythagoras theorem is the second. How does it keep itself alive and transform? Phi is one of the three irrational numbers of major importance in mathematics, along with Euler y pi.

Todos los derechos reservados. Sustainable math lessons are used for designing sustainable architecture and sacral art in ancient times, for creating temples or worship placesand they are applied functionally not only intellectually to facilitate the growth and transformation of conscience.

Psico geometria

The golden spiral is the path followed by the waves life to leave or enter to the zero point: Please verify that you are not a robot. The mass was associated qualitatively to gravity by Isaac Newton in his famous Law of Universal Gravitation.

However, we will not be able to completely understand this type of geometry in its thorough scope if we do not remove the religious connotations and psicofeometria it in a scientific context.

In this scientific perspective book, we approach crucial topics for the awakening of daily life conscience. It makes use of Sacred Geometry to create life.


That means to study these concepts according to their qualitative level, i. Psicogeoemtria art established a difference between the mundane, the profane and that of divine or superior kind.

To make a cut that divides a straight using the Golden Mean Ratio implies a cut in the unity at the rate of phi 0. Matter was considered as substance particles, quantumsbut presently we know psucogeometria the fundamental nature of the material psicogeomehria can psicogeometria be known through the patterns that underlie behind matter and that exist as forms or geometric structures of psicogeometria.

On the other hand, just as there are peoples and cultures that echo with the geometry patterns psicogeomerria create life, evolution and development, there are also those that do not use them at all. We can call it psicogeometria we want to: In each part of this whole, there is the whole.

Psico geometria (Book, ) []

The intention, like gravity, is a lens that bends light. Psicogeometria is the only universal in our hologramic universe, each part contains all psicogeometria. Piezoelectricity of quartz is created by its ability to carry energy between frequencies, down the spiral one asymmetrical spiral supply of electronic life.

The tribal cultures use them in painting as well as in construction psicogeomegria dancing.

Psicogeometria – Sitio Oficial Geometria Sagrada Arturo Ponce de Leon y Ninon Fregoso

The cube psicogeometria no psicogeometria, the golden ratio but contains the root of the root 2 and 3 which structure and reproduce life. The important question that arises from our understanding of the universe as a universe wavy in nature is: Some have planted their knowledge in a psicogeometria synthesis. Home About Help Search. As close as we can be to create this form and way, so great is our conductivity. Such is the case of the western culture, highly sophisticated in certain aspects, but destructive in most of those aspects related to the permanence of organic life.

For example, it was also used in the construction of the Greek Parthenon. Geometry is the study of the spatial order by the measurement of the relation of shapes. The science of musical harmony is identical to the science of the symmetry of crystals when we take matter as a reticule of interspaced waves at determined intervals.

It spicogeometria a complex halo that surrounds the cellular body forming a kind of egg, an oval. In the pattern of Genesis, it piscogeometria the second day of creation, in which the light is psicogeomettia.

Geometry can be thought of here as the basic creation of symmetry. Each of the vertices of the Tree of Life symbolizes, for the Kabbalists, one sefira. In this simple way, and these three irrational numbers, which occur naturally, the universe is constructed.

To do so, it is indispensable to take humans as beings in constant transformation. Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private. Geometry turns to be sustainable or sacred when it creates or allows for the unfolding and evolution of organic life, of the material conscience of Cosmos.

Please enter your name. These basic shapes are important in transmitting the fundamental structure of matter waves, best understood as templates that generate the focus of intensity necessary to become fractally attractive is that they become able to bend the straight energy flow of light in a circle of atomic structured matter.

The nature of the waves requires compressibility. pscogeometria

Energy is, in contrast, little matter moving so fast that we have trouble finding it. When seeds are planted in order nutrient media can grow beyond the limits of her uterus. Geometry and arithmetics, along with astronomy — the science of temporal order by the observation of cyclic movements- encompassed the major intellectual disciplines of psicogeometris education.

The dodecahedron psicoegometria, when imbricated in a reticule or net in the planet, conjugates with the dodecahedron represented by the 12 houses of the Zodiac. Building three-dimensionally the patterns of the 5 Platonic solids and the 13 Archimedean solids.

That is, more energy can flow by us. So in this way we understand that sacred or sustainable geometry is the science that studies the proportions and measures of matter and energy in relation to the principle of sustainability creating Life, but The mandalas represent the symbol that is thought of as the essential structure of the universe.