An Independent Book Review In the Combat Zone. In the Combat Zone Essay By Leslie Marmon Silko Women seldom discuss our wariness or the precautions. This is what the author Leslie Marmon Silko believes, which is illustrated in her essay, “In the Combat Zone.” Silko writes this essay to acknowledge to women. Silko mentions her personal experiences where men have tried to hurt her; luckily she has proven to be able to defend herself. How has she.

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Back then, I was sure my parents’ prohibition against my living or traveling alone stemmed from nothing more than their old-fashioned sense that a woman was a fragile creature whose virginity needed to be protected, coupled with a bu denial of how resourceful I was. Brian Kelly site map. MacYoung, Marc, and Dianna Gordon.

In the combat zone

The diplomatic strategies will help women negotiate or trick their way out of a violent attack rather than using violent action. Contact Contact Us Help. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. She went home and called for emergency help, but it took the park ranger forty-five minutes to get to her house comhat the Combat” The personal experience story with the two drunken hunters supports one of her main points of women protecting themselves because they cannot always depend on the police and courts.

Both of the weaknesses in Silko’s essay affect her ethos, making her argument less credible. That first year, I am convinced, is a time most women decide it isn’t worth their while to carry out any unnecessary solo missions in the combat zone Silko so accurately describes.

Finding libraries that hold this item Clearly, she was one of those women who should have run a department rather than take dictation from the less competent men who did. Silko’s main purpose for writing the essay is to send the message to women that they need to defend their bodies and not to rely upon the police and courts to keep them safe.

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In this essay, Leslie Marmon Silko addresses the issue of violence against women and essentially challenges the way that it is viewed. For silki parents to have provided such lessons would have been to concede their approval of my [End Page ] plan to spend the summer working in Philadelphia and the two years after that studying in England and exploring Europe.

So what can be used to fend off muggers, rapists, and serial killers? She talks about the wariness woman have and the precautions they take after dark each time they leave the apartment, car, or office to go on brief errands. Plummer, was a feisty raconteur who told me stories about the misdeeds of her former bosses, who were my bosses now.

The essay ‘ s strengths include a good integration of history and credible personal experience stories. I didn’t need lessons on how to shoot a gun. In this essay, Leslie Marmon Silko challenges this belief and calls for change in the way women think of their own vulnerability.

If you have a Digication account, you may log in below: Guns should be used for the sole purpose of protection by a trained police officer. The best way is to become part of a self-defense class in which the majority of the class involves diplomatic strategies. Silko presents a good argument for her beliefs and values for gun control and empowering women. People, especially women, need to empower themselves to ln get taken advantage of by strangers.

On one side of the spectrum, people believe that being able to own a gun should be allowed because it makes them feel safer, and it has shown to deter criminal conduct.

However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study. She states that this combqt treatment results in women having less opportunity and hinders their tge to succeed, which is the exact same statement that Virginia Woolf makes in her writing.

Although, guns are very dangerous they are a way for people to protect themselves against others harming them. Big deal, you say; well, yes, it is a big deal since most lectures, performances, and films are presented at night; so are dinners and other social events.

She believes women should not be victims of vulnerability. This makes the issue of women needing guns for self-defense more arguable because she has a personal experience to back it up. Instead, they should engage in a self-defense class in which the majority of the class provides diplomatic strategy.

I feel this way because guns promote killing and are morally wrong. Silko is a strong believer for women carrying firearms. View freely available titles: You may send this item to up to five recipients. After graduation, I packed my bags and, without my parents’ blessing, took the bus to the City of Brotherly Love to begin my internship at the insurance company where my older sister was an up-and-coming junior executive.

On the other hand, people argue that there are other options instead of using a lethal weapon, such as mace. Your list has reached the maximum number of items. Females carrying guns might seem dangerous but if they are carrying them to fend off dangerous people what is the problem?

The weaknesses in this essay include a lack of expert opinions and backing down in one of her personal experiences.

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