Days of War, Nights of Love has ratings and reviews. Burkey said: i havent read it in a while, its funny to me, the folks who foam at the mouth. La Noche de San Juan, Lope De Vega .. Warriors Path #15, Louis L’Amour Crass Records, Bullshit Detector, Sky and Trees Records, Crimethinc., Food Not Bombs , .. Cautiverio Feliz, y Razon de Las Guerras Dilatadas de. Amor and Exile: True Stories of Love Across America’s Borders · Nathaniel .. Días y noches de amor y de guerra · Eduardo H. .. CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’.

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First, I will say that I like the book for it’s sense of purpose and it’s energy. I hate this book.

Maybe it was a necessary phase, but the whole thought kind of makes me depressed. And not even Anarchism for Beginners.

It is to get you thinking about all of our “normal” activities with some critical thought. An Interview with Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos. From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia: Gallery image 01 of Days of War, Nights of Love: Revolt of the Saints: Unity Demonstration against a far-right football hooligan event.

I mean, I thought it was juvenile in that it was written as though it was intended to show high school kids that there were better ways to rebel against society than to emulate Marilyn Manson.

Table of Contents

This is the first book I’ve read from the Crimethinc collective, and although the material can be terribly repetitive at times, there are a lot of little gems in here. Crimethought is not any ideology or value system or lifestyle, but rather a way of challenging all ideologies and value ee and lifestyles—and, for the advanced agent, a way of making all ideologies, value systems, and lifestyles challenging.

Che on My Mind Margaret Randall. Cuba, America and the Sea: It passed me in the library and I was curious to see how I might think of it now. It’s a bit ridiculous. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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Getting Haiti Right This Time: Fischer and Peter Benson. I’d say the audience is for younger idealists. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Che Guevara David Sandison.

Death and the Idea of Mexico Claudio Lomnitz. I guerrx have grown up in the punk rock era and witnessed many adopt these lifestyles first hand, but the book codifies these ways of living for the modern generation that is repressed, suppressed and brainwashed by TV. Want to Read saving…. Lies, exaggerations and blatant plagiarisms mix freely with passionate arguments.

Days of War, Nights of Love: Crimethink for Beginners by CrimethInc.

Auroras of the Zapatistas: Mexican Workers and the State: An example of how Crimethinc works based on the book. Confessions of an Argentine Dirty Warrior: There are five of ’em up there because I think that it’s good that someone put all of these articles in one spot for the kids. Latinos in the Golden State David E. Jan 06, Maya Halko rated it it was amazing.

Red Emma’s: Latin America

I guess I just thought wheatpasting dkas dumpsters were fun and all that, but pretty worthless, and for all their groundbreaking beliefs that’s all Crimethinc. It’s difficult to imagine the ideal world this book presents, but then it’s hard to imagine any ideal.

An anti-capitalist manifesto with an argument riddled with contradictions and false narratives but mostly overly simplified. Guerrra the Rulers Obey: I agree that crimethinc operates with little to no class analysis, and their political view in general is fairly short sighted.

Stories from the U. The writing is the usual CrimethInc.