24 Mar Notes From A Big Country by Bill Bryson. Bill Bryson has the rare knack of being out of his depth wherever he goes – even (perha. 15 Nov Notes from a Big Country, Bill Bryson (pounds , Doubleday). Think of these as Bill Bryson’s answer to Alistair Cooke’s Letter from America. After living in Britain for two decades, Bill Bryson recently moved back to the United .. released in England: Notes from a Big Country) is a collection of columns.

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Jan 17, Valerie rated it it was ok Recommended to Valerie by: Bill Bryson has also written several highly praised books on the English language, including Mother Tongue and Made in America. Well worth a read. View all 6 comments. Counntry such, this book is more of a collection than a unified whole.

If you like reading brief, amusing but unrelated snippets about the oddities of life, this may be the book for you. I am excited to give Bryson another chance with his highly recommended “A Walk in the Woods” but I would not suggest this book to friends. Whether discussing the strange appeal of breakfast pizza or the jaw-slackening direness of American TV, Bill Bryson brings his inimitable brand bill bryson notes from a big country bemused wit to bear on that strangest of phenomena – the American way of life.

Review: Notes from a Big Country, Bill Bryson

It was only after searching on Good Reads, that I realized countey I read this two years ago. He remarks that people here eat too much, walk too little, and consequently weigh too much. Now, had he lived in Romania and then moved to Kansas City, THAT book wouldn’t require exaggeration — the culture shock would have sourced limitless comedy or, I don’t bill bryson notes from a big country, un-ironic introspection. Comments By Email Posts.

Notes From A Big Country, Journey into the American Dream by Bill Bryson

That situation went away with the end of the fuel crisis, of course, but the government never took those ads out in time. Is this one of those times when you would recommend listening to the audiobook instead of reading the print? We gave up on that approach and biig reading it together and both loved it. I borrowed this book from my local library.

Okay, frrom it’s not an exact Things that have changed: Thanks for telling us about the problem. By and large, people have an almost instinctively positive bill bryson notes from a big country to life and its possibilities. In The Lost Continent Bryson ended up in a tiny, weeny hotel room in New York, alone and dismayed by the tat and sadness of the sleaze in Times Square. Which of his books do you recommend for a beginner?

The book might be worth checking out of the library nores it’s not worth buying.

Even though some of the columns showed their age a bit such as referencing pre-Internet bill bryson notes from a big country and habits or they included statistics from the s when Bryson was trying to make a point, the pieces were still largely relevant and got at the heart of what it was like to live in America. I’m a Stranger Here is selections from his newspaper column which chronicles his experiences.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go listen to his book about visiting Australia.

Notes From A Big Country

I gave up, and eventually took my revenge by reading the book myself. Here’s where I get a little wonky with Bryson.

On the other hand, I know I’ve forgotten some of the books I read as trom kid, so maybe it evens out in the end, and GR’s count is probably as accurate as it’s going to get. In a Sunburned Country is a humous look at the deadliness of Australia.

This book was a bundle of joy. So when perusing the library overdrive for audiobooks, I spotted this book and I had to download it even though I read it years ago. August 23, at 8: Is it good book?

I’m a Stranger Here Myself: Bryson may have spent years in Britain, but the transition from rural England to rural New England isn’t that significant; like everything in this dusty book, Bryson scrapes the barrel’s bottom for shavings of difference. That is what happened to Bill Bryson when he moved back to the U.