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BenQ MX812ST DLP Projector

But the MXST can do lots more than make large bright pictures. The presentation is mostly text on video backgrounds and occasionally movies.

Very happy with my purchase. Subscribe to Receive Reviews.

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This projector is ready for the revolution. Going Bfnq also means you’ll get to save on computer purchase, maintenance and repair for your school or company.

Post a Comment Alert Moderator. While I was doing this research, the projector was on, and I noticed that the dots seemed to be slowly fading away.

A ” diagonal image is projected at a distance of just 4 feet.

BenQ MXST Short Throw Projector Review

You’ll get to access everything from your computer remotely on the projection screen. My wife confirmed that it was not used, nor it was not running overnight she is an electricity use police in the family — always checking that extra light is not on, the stove is off etc. The projector provides a sharp, nearly distortion free image with a brightness uniformity comparable to standard lens designs.

The short throw of the MXST would work well with a ceiling ben installation. Be the first to review this item.

ProjectorCentral reserves the right to remove any comment at any time for any reason. This is about the most you can get in terms of built-in speakers… That mx812sg, the MXST can tackle any sound requirements in your presentation, such as music or commentary, and it can help your voice carry during presentations to your audience.

BenQ MXST DLP Interactive Whiteboard Projector – A Comparison-1 – Projector Reviews

This feature also offers simultaneousor partial projection display options for better content management of discussions, presentations, training and classroom teaching. Click Image to Enlarge. With 3D Color Management you can individually manage not just three colors red, green and blue but six: Color management provides fine color control adjustment to allow for more accurate color reproduction, should you require it.

It makes all of its magic while drawing a maximum of watts. Just load from your laptop ahead of time, slip it in your pocket or briefcase, and pull it out just in time for your presentation… Keeping things simple. Keep me logged in. It’s as easy as and plug-and-play. Other convenience features include Freeze Frame and a “Q? This means that you can place the projector only a small distance away from the screen — no shadows on the screen or being blinded during your presentation.

Customer service questionabl I bought this projector for its short-throw capability. All you need to add is 3D glasses and 3D programming. You’ll have better flexibility in choosing projection locations Zero Eye-blinding Lights The short throw projection distance keeps the projector beam away from your eyes, allowing you to focus on your audience Zero Disruptions Say goodbye to shadows that often disrupt your presentation.

RGB plus brnq, cyan and yellow. In Standby mode it draws less than a single watt. What that means is more floor space for audience members, less interruptions and less chance of you being an inadvertent shadow puppet by interfering with the beam. It’s just what you need to save energy, time and money. For one thing, it can make them all over the world.

The MXST also has wired networking control capabilities. So I let it run for a few mx12st and the dots mx812zt gone. Consider it an upgrade from the USB Reader option. Upon some reflection, I decided to return this projector as well. The MXST is also the most portable at behq. Multiple Display Options for Various Office and Classroom Needs USB display offers the plug-and-play convenience of USB connection with automatic resolution detection for the best image presentation and extension support for simultaneous multi-projection display.

The room seats about people. The MXST features 4, This undisputed short throw leader offers picture quality excellence defined by astonishing color performance and well-focused text projection with its own aspherical lens design which offers a boosted image zoom rate.

It also comes with a built-in projector network control system uniquely designed by BenQ for your convenience. I bought this projector about 2 weeks ago and just used it officially for the first time last night.