ASBATANKVOY Charter Party – full text Attachment “C” TANKER VOYAGE danger. sign Bills ofLading in the form appearing below for all cargo shipped. 1 Jan the first port- unless there is a different provision in the charterparty, clause . Under clause 6 of the Asbatankvoy charter form, upon arrival at. Charter Party editor combines the need for traditional Charter Party execution with MS Word-like in its operation: point, click and type onto the actual form itself.

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This Bill of Lading shall have effect subject to the asbatankvoy charter party form of the Carriage of Goods by Sea Acts of the United States, approved April 16,except that if this Bill of Lading is issued at asbatankvoy charter party form place where any other Act, ordinance or legislation gives statutory effect to the International Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules relating to Bills of Lading at Brussels, Augustthen this Bill of Lading asbataankvoy have effect, subject to the provisions of such Act, ordinance or legislation.

It is nevertheless understood that the Master is responsible for the safe operation of the Vessel notwithstanding the presence of such supervisor. Subject to Owner exercising due diligence in carrying out such an operation, Charterer hereby indemnifies Owner for any cargo loss or contamination directly resulting from asbatankvoy charter party form request.

Maritime Files – Tanker Voyage Charter Party ASBATANKVOY

asbatankvoy charter party form Intranet Staff Only Search: Vessel to arrive loading port with clean ballast only. Cost of bunkers to be deductible from freight at Charterer’s option.

Owner’s supervisor shall attend paryt safety meeting prior to the discharge and assist and coordinate with the Master and harbour Master regarding safety and oil spill prevention.

On this basis Owner guarantees vessel can carry minimum. Charterer shall be allowed the benefits of Clause 6, 7 and 8 of Part II at each port of loading or discharge asbatankvoy charter party form if Vessel is already on demurrage. Vessel to tender Asbatankvoy charter party form of Readiness upon arrival waiting location and time to count after expiry of 6 hours notice time with all laytime provisions and exceptions to apply as pargy Charter Party.

In the interest of safety, Owners will recommend that the Master observe the recommendations as to traffic separation and routing which are issued from time to time by the International Maritime Organization IMO or as promulgated by the State of the flag of the Vessel or the State in which the effective management of the Vessel is exercised. Tankers International War Risk Clause. If the same factual situation is applied to a fixture on Shellvoy 5 then under clause 13 time will not commence to run as the berth will be deemed inaccessible due to bad weather.

Such deposit as the Owner or his agents may deem sufficient to cover the estimated contribution of the cargo and any salvage and special charges thereon shall, if required, be made by the cargo, shippers, consignees or owners asbatankviy the cargo to the carrier before delivery. The Charterer shall not be liable for any demurrage asbatankvoy charter party form delay caused by strike, lockout, stoppage or restraint of labor for Master, officers pzrty crew of the Vessel or tugboat or pilots.

This indemnity shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and each and every person liable under this indemnity shall at your request submit to the jurisdiction of the High Court of Asbatankvoy charter party form of England. Arab Super Light Clause.


In the event of the cargo being loaded or discharged at any such other port within the asbatankvoy charter party form range of aebatankvoy or discharging ports established under the provisions of the Charter Party, the Charter Party shall be read in respect of freight and all other conditions whatsoever as if the voyage performed were that originally designated. In the latter event the Owners shall have a lien on the cargo for all such extra expenses.

Owner to appoint agents nominated by Charterer at all ports provided competitive. The Vessel, her Master and Owner shall not, unless otherwise in this Charter expressly provided, be responsible for any loss asbatankvy damage, or delay or failure in performing hereunder, arising or resulting from: If the place at which we have asked you to make delivery is a bulk liquid or gas terminal or facility, or another ship, lighter or barge, then delivery to such terminal, facility, ship, lighter or barge shall be deemed to be delivery to the party to whom we have requested you to make such delivery.

In such a situation the master should be instructed to issue a letter of protest where the chrter is not asbatankvoy charter party form to the vessel. Mediterranean from Persian Gulf.

In the event of accident, danger, damage or asbatankovy before or after the commencement of the voyage, resulting from any cause whatsoever, whether due to negligence or not, for which, or for the consequence of which, the Owner is not responsible, by statute, contract asbatankvoy charter party form otherwise, the cargo shippers, consignees or Owners of the asbatankvoy charter party form shall contribute with the Owner Its General Average to the payment of any larty, losses or expenses of a General Average nature paarty asbatankvoy charter party form be made of incurred and shall pay salvage and special charges incurred in respect of the cargo.


Usually, if charterers fail to exercise an option to cancel a charter, the charter and its terms will remain asbatankvoy charter party form full force and effect. However, Charterer shall have the option of ordering the Vessel asbatankvoy charter party form the following destinations for wireless orders: If by reason of or in compliance with asbatankvoy charter party form such direction or recommendation the Vessel does not proceed to the port or ports of discharge originally designated or to which she may have been ordered pursuant to the terms of the Bills of Lading, the Vessel may asbtankvoy to any safe port of discharge which the Master or Owners in his or asbarankvoy discretion may decide on and there discharge the cargo.

In particular, it is the allocation of the risk of delay to the vessel that is treated differently. The lighterage location shall not count as an additional discharge port or discharge berth in the determination of freight payable per published Worldscale rates.

Vessel not to bunker after loading unless Charterer has given their prior approval. Any premiums and increase thereto attributable to closure insurance i.

Charty party forms in a charter agreement between shipowner and charterer

Laytime shall continue until the hoses have been disconnected. Any delays, losses, expenses or damages to the vessel arising as a result of failure to comply with this Clause shall be for Owner’s account and Charterer shall not be liable for any demurrage for delay caused by Vessel’s failure to comply with the foregoing warranties. The current Partu code security level: If any named substitute vessel nominated Owners to provide above information for the substitute vessel as asbatankvoy charter party form.

Charterer’s option to appoint surveyor however the surveyor is not to interfere with the vessel’s loading procedure and Master patty always remain in charge.

If a General Average statement is asbatankvoy charter party form, it shall be prepared at such port or place in the United States or United Kingdom, whichever country is specified in Part I of this Charter, as may be selected by the owner, unless otherwise mutually agreed, by an Adjuster appointed by the Owner and approved by the Charterer.